Join us in building one of the best arboretums in the world - a library of trees like a forest park.

The arboretum will be a 500 hectare retreat for investors and their families to relax and enjoy the trees, resort, restaurant food, and a golf course. Surrounding the arboretum will be a forest with regular selective logging to supply investors with a long term income from the trees and sales of sawn timber as well as rental accommodation for guests.

The trees will be planted in their families for mass impact for visitors. As you drive or walk around the tracks through the trees you will see oaks, dogwoods, flowering cherries, laburnums, zelkova, and kowhai and a large range of other trees sourced from around the world.

We're currently looking for investors who want to own their own slice of our forest paradise. Each investor will own their own house on site as a holiday retreat or a permanent home in New Zealand.

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New Zealand

The arboretum will be planted on land in Otago, inland from Dunedin city near the popular holiday destinations of Queenstown and Wanaka with large lakes and renowned mountains. Conveniently, international airports are located in Queenstown and Dunedin.

New Zealand is made up of two islands. Otago is in the South Island on the east coast beside the Pacific Ocean. The reason we chose Otago is that it has a more reliable rainfall which is so important when you are planting hundreds of thousands of trees that need water.

In Otago the land is gently sloping and easy to walk and drive around. In Central Otago there are big lakes, high mountains, and steep land. It is dry in the summer which can make it hard to grow trees in such a large scale. However we will be near lakes to get plenty of water.

Otago has coastal bush, New Zealand natives, impressive rivers and lakes and a lot of beef and lamb farming areas. Dunedin has a peninsula with penguins and albatross. There is also a shipping port which is visited by around 100 cruise ships per season. It has a roofed sports stadium, a museum, a wonderful botanical gardens, and a large number of restaurants. Dunedin's population is around 130,000 people.

About Us

Rodney and Carolyn have been growing trees since 1977 and operate a landscape design service and plant trees for clients around New Zealand. They have 12,000 trees in the nursery while dealing with other nurseries around New Zealand and the rest of the world, to source rare and interesting trees for their clients.

Rodney's inspiration has come from his wife, Carolyn, who gave him a book many years ago about an arboretum which got him thinking about how he could build his own impressive arboretum. He researched tree planting around the world and developed a system and concept.

They have machinery which can transplant large mature trees up to 12 metres tall and 40 years old. They operate their own saw mill and make boxes to plant trees in until they sell. Rodney and Carolyn have a large range of mature trees that they source from clients. The trees have grown too large for the site so Rodney buys the trees and shifts them to the nursery. This provides a great range of trees, which will be wonderful for the arboretum. It will mean mature planting around the buildings and across the land.

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